Upper Teesdale in Spring

A short account of a spring visit to the botanical paradise that is Upper Teesdale. As part of an ongoing course I’m leading for the Natural History Society of Northumbria, this past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting the botanical paradise that is Upper Teesdale. Stopping first at Cow Green reservoir and travelling laterContinue reading “Upper Teesdale in Spring”

Get started identifying Speedwells

Get started identifying wild and naturalised speedwells in a brand-new crib sheet suitable for beginners. Find keys boring? You’re not alone. While those of us who spend our days obsessively searching for plants quite like them, for most people, they don’t cut the mustard. Indeed, they can be particularly offputting to beginners. It is forContinue reading “Get started identifying Speedwells”

Exploring Alien Plants in Newcastle

A short round-up of an excellent few days spent recording alien plants in Newcastle.

Getting to Grips with Spring Bulbs

Last weekend, I decided to take a closer look at wild and naturalised spring bulbs. From snowdrops to crocuses, here are a few spotted on recent walks. Daffodils, crocuses and of course, snowdrops are some of our most iconic and beautiful spring flowers. Despite this, they can be a tricky bunch to tell apart withContinue reading “Getting to Grips with Spring Bulbs”

An Urban Flora of Newcastle: Progress & Problems so Far

An update on ongoing survey carried out to map and record the diverse and fascinating Urban Flora of Newcastle.

A Winter Walk at Hareshaw Linn

A short account of a frosty trip to Hareshaw Linn in Northumberland last weekend

Exploring Urban Cotoneasters in Newcastle

Recently, I’ve been taking a closer look at wild and naturalised cotoneasters in Newcastle. Here’s what I’ve found so far, from an amateur’s perspective.

Identifying Snowdrops

Get started identifying the wild and naturalised snowdrops you’re most likely to spot in a brand-new crib sheet suitable for beginners.

Exploring North East Nature in 2022 – A Few Highlights

A summary of a fantastic year spent watching, recording, and enjoying North East nature. often in great company.

Identifying Small-flowered Fleabanes

Get started identifying small-flowered fleabanes a brand-new crib sheet suitable for beginners. So far, this fledgling series of botanical cribs has focused on plants commonly encountered in urban areas. In Dead-nettles and Ragworts, we have some of our most conspicuous native plants, but what about some of our lesser-known species? Having discovered several species ofContinue reading “Identifying Small-flowered Fleabanes”

Recording Ladybirds in 2022: a Few Highlights

Ladybirds have been a theme of 2022. Fresh from twelve months of ladybird recording, here’s a quick round-up of the highlights this year.

Identifying Dead-nettles

Start identifying dead-nettles with a new crib suitable for beginners. Includes most of the species you’re likely to spot in urban habitats.