Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect

2018 has been a year of ups and downs; although, thankfully, mostly ups. The year marked by a great deal of personal and professional opportunities, myriad wonderful wild encounters and a whole host of new experiences. As is customary on this blog, I thought I would dedicate some time to knocking up something which vaguelyContinue reading “Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect”

The Post Christmas Escape

Dawn broke overhead as I took my first, adrenaline-fueled steps into the reedbeds of Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, the grey-blue sky, a vestige of the previous frigid night,  soon yielding to pleasant silver as the day got underway. The only lasting remnant of the darker, colder hours before coming from the veil of fog lingeringContinue reading “The Post Christmas Escape”

10 Tips for Nature Bloggers

I started this website as a place to express my interest in the natural world and to share sightings and photographs from my local ventures. Truth be told, I never planned to start writing; although five-years in, here I am, waffling regularly about myriad environmental topics and thoroughly enjoying myself. Blogging, ultimately, is about findingContinue reading “10 Tips for Nature Bloggers”

Common By Nature at the UK Blog Awards 2019

I’m thrilled to announce that Common By Nature has been nominated for the latest round of the UK Blog Awards!  It is a privilege to find myself competing in a category jam-packed with the best and brightest environmental writers and bloggers in the UK today, and I would like to thank each and every personContinue reading “Common By Nature at the UK Blog Awards 2019”

How to write a nature blog, by Newton Wildsmith

So you want to start a blog. A nature blog, no less. Hats off to you for taking some steps closer to creating one. There is always room on the web for another voice for the natural world. This article is all about how to blog about nature. What format and style to choose, theContinue reading “How to write a nature blog, by Newton Wildsmith”

Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment

Updated November 2021 For some odd reason, the previous blogs I have published highlighting other great environmental bloggers [here, here and here] have been some of the most popular on this site to date. For this reason, I thought I would put together an even bigger list flagging up the best nature, wildlife and environmentContinue reading “Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment”

Ticking along nicely…

I have been rather quiet on the blog of late, at least when compared to my usual, rather vocal self. This is due, at least in part, to poor internet reception at my current place of residence – the Farne Islands – but also due to an increasing workload. With my MSc Wildlife Management courseContinue reading “Ticking along nicely…”

Gull cull? No thanks

The last few days have seen an infuriating surge in the rhetoric of those calling for the control of Britain’s gulls; as campaigners clamour for the lethal action, red-faced MP’s bluster and the national press embarks on yet another misinformed wildlife witch-hunt. It has all been rather depressing, at least for those, like me, rather fond ofContinue reading “Gull cull? No thanks”

2016: A Wild Year In Retrospect (Part 1)

It has become somewhat of a tradition on this blog to, near the turn of the year, dwell momentarily on the high-points of the months past. To look back over my experiences and attempt to rank them based on my own enjoyment – if only for a spot of personal amusement. Truthfully, 2016 has been brilliantContinue reading “2016: A Wild Year In Retrospect (Part 1)”