Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment

Updated November 2021

For some odd reason, the previous blogs I have published highlighting other great environmental bloggers [here, here and here] have been some of the most popular on this site to date.

For this reason, I thought I would put together an even bigger list flagging up the best nature, wildlife and environment blogs on the internet. Sites I read regularly which should be of interest to you too, whether your interests lie in hard-hitting opinion, nature writing or elsewhere, in campaigning or photography…

I will be updating this list constantly as I discover new resources, websites and sources of information.

Best nature blogs

1 – Dr James Borrell

A ‘must read’ for lovers of research and fieldwork and a treasure trove of information for aspiring conservationists.

2 – Mark Avery

The UK’s ‘premier’ nature blog features opinions on some of the most pressing conservation issues of our day.

3 –  A New Nature Blog

Eloquent and informed opinion on some of the most divisive environmental issues in Britain today, including rewilding, land management and legislation.

4 – Kate on Conservation

A unique blog with a focus on animal welfare and related conservation issues, both at home and abroad.

5 – Robert E Fuller

One of the few art-themed blogs I read, stunning works and some lovely writing too – well worth a gander.

6 – Bug Woman – Adventures in London

A wonderful blog sharing the flora and fauna of London. Especially useful for anyone interested in plants but with a healthy dose of mammals, birds and everything else.

7 – Raptor Persecution Scotland

A blog focused entirely on bringing to light the rampant persecution of birds of prey in the UK.

8 – Isle of May

A blog detailing daily life on a remote Scottish island, jampacked with seabirds, seals and other marvels.

9 – Incidental Naturalist

A lovely account of the joy one can derive from the natural world, featuring excellent photography and built on wonderful, highly personal posts.

10 – Cabinet of Curiosities

A cracking natural history blog from the North of England, diverse and enjoyable.

11 – A Year of Nature Hunting

The first entry by a young blogger on this list and a real corker. This is an account of Zach’s personal experiences in nature and is often simultaneously thought-provoking and uplifting.

12 – Naturalist Nick

An enchanting site with a focus on all areas of natural history. Top-notch photography, interesting facts and lots of lovely nature writing, what’s not to like.

13 –  Irelands Wildlife

A nature blog featuring an eclectic mix of content from the realms of birding, conservation and wildlife-watching, from Ireland and further afield.

14 – Young Fermanagh Naturalist

The personal blog of Dara McAnulty – personal, often poetic and definitely worth a read, should you find yourself with a spare moment.

15 –  Knee Deep in Nature

The blog of a 15-year-old naturalist with a broad focus on photography, observation and art.

16 – Nature Nattering

Wildlife observations and fine nature writing from across the UK but with a specific focus on one small corner of the British Isles.

17 – Young Nature Nerd

Observations on the natural world from passionate naturalist, Jenny Allan. A wonderful read for anyone who enjoys sharing the magical moments and memorable encounters of others.

18 – Valley Naturalist

A natural history journal from Gwent, promoting exploration, observation, citizen science and, ultimately, enjoyment from nature.

19 – A Focus on Nature

The official blog of the youth nature network, bringing together the thoughts, work and writing of the next generation of British conservationists.

20 – Cholsey Wildlife

Another local patch diary, this time from Cholsey in Oxfordshire. Personal observations of the natural world, plain and simple.

21 – Wildlife Kate

A wildlife diary from a small swath of Staffordshire, featuring no end of marvellous wildlife photography, film and writing.

22 – Wader Tales

A site designed and maintained with one, clear purpose: to celebrate and promote wading birds.

23 – Finding Nature

A veritable smorgasbord of wildlife facts and interesting articles, from the UK and beyond.

24 – Appleton Wildlife Diary

A wildlife diary authored by an incredible young naturalist, boasting a specific focus on badgers – what more could you want?

25 – Wildlife Detective

Another blog with a focus on wildlife crime and one jampacked with experience-based opinion on some of the most pressing environmental issues in Britain today.

Also worth a gander…

26 – Peter Cooper Wildlife

27 – Elliot’s Birding Diaries 

28 – Carl Bovis Nature Photography

29 – St. Helens Birds and Wildlife

30 – Colyton Wildlife

31 – Diaries of a Cheshire Wildlife Watcher

32 – Forest of Bowland Wildlife Blogs

33 – Birdgirl

34 – Call from the Wild

35 –  Wildlife Phelps

36 – Thinking Country

37 – Wildlife and Words

38 – My Life Outside

39 – Natural History Bloggers

40 – Hannah Rudd

50 – Save the House Sparrows

51 – Balcony Bird Brain

52 – Kayleigh Ann Writing

And breath! The fantastic wildlife, nature and environment blogs featured above should be enough to keep you reading for hours.


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