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Identifying Clovers

Get started identifying the wild and naturalised clovers likely to be recorded in Northumberland.

A distinctive group of flowers familiar from garden lawns, roadside verges and other everday habitats, as well as more typically wild places, clovers are a recognisable bunch. Members of the pea family, fabaceae, they sport familiar clustered flowerheads and trifoliate leaves and some of them at least, represent some of the wildflowers we’re most likely to encounter on our daily walks wherever we find ourselves.

In a change to these plant identification posts, this time I am including a short talk recorded for the Natural History Society of Northumbria sharing a few tips for identifying the clovers likely to be encountered across North East England. Around 9 of them to be precise, though of course, there are several more out there.

I’ll be sharing more of these videos here over the weeks and months to come as, I confess, they are far easier to put together than a lengthy post on plant ID. I hope you enjoy it and perhaps feel inspired to start identifying clovers yourselves. Give it a go!

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