Magnificent Frigatebird – Sabrina Salome

In every way, the Magnificent Frigatebird lives up to its name. This bird does not produce any of the waterproofing oils that other sea-faring birds possess; a submerged frigatebird will drown, and never can it land at sea. Yet the frigatebird enjoys a diet of fish. How?

If you’re a gull, it’s bad news to be pursued by the Magnificent Frigatebird. These aerial acrobats are masters of hairpin turns, dwarf a gull in size, and will gladly grab one on the wing, pulling out feathers or dangling their captive midair, until their prize – the gull’s catch of fish – is dropped. The frigatebird then swoops after the falling fish and snatches it midair, before dinner is lost to the ocean below.

Sabrina Salome is an amateur wildlife photographer with a passion for things with big teeth. She is dedicated to the field of conservation and in her spare time incorporates her love of wildlife into her creative expression, using writing, illustration, and photography to share with the world how she sees them. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University. You can find more of her work on Instagram @sabrina_salomee and contact her at for photo or order inquiries.

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  1. marshasalome says:

    What a serene yet action filled photograph! Beautiful!

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