New Nature Issue 11!

November is a month of rain and frost, of falling leaves and howling gales, the steady drip of birds coming to winter in Britain now becomes a torrent of ducks, waders, owls and finches. As there are changes in the natural world, there are changes in the world of conservation, and one of the most significant of these is the ever-growing concept of ‘rewilding’. At New Nature, we are keen to explore what this term means to younger generations of naturalists, so in this rewilding-themed issue, we hear from contributors new and old on this complex topic. We hear why farmers are crucial to rewilding in Ben Eagle’s article (Page 32) , Jack Hicks gives us his thoughts on beavers in south-west England (Page 38) and regular Zach Haynes gives us his view on the rewilding debate (Page 12). Also, new contributor Alexandros Adamoulas gives us the facts on a potential reintroduction of white-tailed eagles to England (Page 24), but Peter Cooper reminds us that successful reintroductions need good community engagement (Page 34). On top of all that, our own Alex Pearce interviews the inimitable Nick Baker about his exciting new book on rewilding (Page 30).

As always, our regular articles include what autumnal wildlife you need to watch out for this month (Page 8), Alice Johnson suggests some really wild places to visit around the UK (Page 10) and in the underrated species column I argue that roe deer are just as noteworthy as their larger cousins (Page 14). Recent decades have seen paradigm shifts in nature conservation and thoughts are turned towards what the future holds and how we can prepare for it. It is the young generations of today that will be living in that future and for whom rewilding could be a vital tool in the protection of nature. So, let’s keep up the discussion; please read, recommend and share New Nature and let us know what you think on social media. Thank you for your support!

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Words by Elliot Dowding, Content Editor

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