Three Peaks for Curlew – Success!

I am delighted to announce that yesterday, following an exhausting day of trekking in the Yorkshire Dales, myself, Sacha Elliot and Tiffany Francis (otherwise known as the Curlew Crusaders) concluded our three peaks for Curlew challenge. Hooray!

Taking in the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside (in my opinion, the worst of the three) and Ingleborough, we completed the twenty-six-mile hike in a total of 11.5 hours. That is within the time limit necessary to successfully complete the challenge. While our walk was far from easy – quite the opposite, in fact, and each of us woke up unable to move properly this morning – I am glad to say it was a success. Not least because it provided an opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery and wildlife in the company of great friends, but because the money we raised as a team will go directly to the British Trust for Ornithology in support of the dedicated Curlew appeal. With every penny raised going towards the betterment of our understanding surrounding one of Britain’s fastest declining yet most iconic bird species. I couldn’t be happier.

Together, the three of us raised a grand total of £2065 for our chosen cause – the result of numerous, generous online donations and further aid given at the first annual Curlew festival back in June. I know I speak for all on our team when I say we are incredibly grateful for each and every penny donated and have been bowled over by the enormously positive response we have received on social media. Thank you all!

I, personally, find myself in serious need of a long and uninterrupted nap at present – it appears I selected a rather uncomfortable tent – but hope that our walk, coupled with other similar schemes running at present, may inspire others to get out there and undertake something similar for themselves. It need not be something physical, but it is up to each of us, as individuals, to get out there and do whatever we can, wherever we can in support of the causes we, personally, care for. Whether that involves a single species (Curlew are a good place to start but perhaps I am a little biased) or our NGO’s and charities whose tireless work said species depend on.


Not sure what is going on with my face in this one…

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