The good news keeps on coming

After a pretty tedious day of rain, menial work and more rain, I was delighted to receive two loads of good news this evening. The first coming from my University who kindly informed me that I received 71% for my final taught Masters module. This grade taking me to within striking distance of an overall distinction should my thesis go to plan. More exciting, however, was the news that I have been shortlisted in the something different category of the Northern Blogger Awards 2017.

The event itself takes place in Manchester during September and promises – due in no small part to the free booze and grub – to be a blast. Bringing together social influencers, media personalities and, of course, bloggers from across Northern England, the event looks set to be a snazzy one and, in a similar theme to the Living North awards I found myself lucky enough to attend last year, it looks as if I am going to have to unfurl my best suit for another outing.

I am incredibly grateful to whoever it was that nominated me for said award and win or lose, I am delighted to be considered alongside the popular figures in my category.  I do not (and have never) considered myself an influencer nor do I profess to do anything other than waffle about nature on this blog, thus I am honoured to have been considered.

See below for the shortlist.



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