New Nature: the launch.

Today witnessed the launch of New Nature Magazine, the new e-magazine written, edited and produced entirely by young people. And what a launch it was.

When I clicked the metaphorical launch button this morning, I did not envisage New Nature going down half as well as it did, in truth. I had hoped that people would enjoy it, of course, though what transpired today has been nothing short of thrilling. And a little dumbfounding. The magazine read and shared hundreds of times and by hundreds of people. The response to our publication nothing short of humbling.

Browsing social media, barely a minute has passed today without chancing upon a positive comment about New Nature. Comments which have flooded in from writers, conservationists, ecologists, gardeners, birders, botanists and everyone in between; including some very notable organisations and personalities to whom I am exceedingly grateful. With the greatest amount of praise directed – as it should be –  at the plethora of dedicated young naturalists who have contributed to our inaugural issue. It has been marvelous and I am sure each contributor is as thrilled by the response as I am.

The aim of New Nature, during its development, has always been to promote and support the diligent efforts of young people striving for a career in the environmental sector. From our initial feedback, this is exactly what I feel we have done. Apparently while creating something “professional, enjoyable and marvelous” at the same time. I could not be happier, and would like to thank, once again, everyone who has supported our efforts or contributed thus far! I feel nothing short of motivated to take New Nature to new heights in the future and to attempt to bolster the confidence of young people along the way. Of course, not all liked the magazine, and a minority chose to belittle it out of nothing more than dislike of myself. Bah humbug, you’re not popping this bubble.

Heading forward from today, all I can say on the matter is that you can expect more of the same. You can expect news, opinion and creative writing from Britain’s marvelous young people; you can expect interviews with familiar faces willing to mentor and support them and can certainly – given the skill of our creative director – expect a colourful, fresh and enjoyable read delivered to your inbox each month. Without fail. As things progress, I hope that word will spread; and as it does, that more young people will feel emboldened enough to express themselves in the magazine – ultimately helping New Nature grow into something permanent. Though, in this regard, only time will tell. Though the horizon looks bright and the youth nature movement continues flourish.

For those looking to read the magazine it can be found here.


  1. Robyn says:

    Great job everyone!! It was a real pleasure to contribute and I am looking forward to reading more issues in the future 🙂

  2. Congratulations, the magazine looks great. If I were younger I would be wanting to contribute!

    1. James Common says:

      Thank you Philip! Appreciate it 🙂

  3. Tony says:

    Well done James and the rest of the team. I’ll obviously click on the link in your post in the meanwhile but just so that you know; I don’t appear to have received mine via email. Could you kindly forward me a copy?

    All the best.

    Tony Powell and naturestimeline

    1. James Common says:

      Woops! Sorry Tony, appears I have missed a few people from the email list in my rush to get things done. I will forward you a copy now. Best wishes, James.

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