Winter walks in the city, by Frances Jones

I’ve been making a conscious effort, since January 1st, to notice nature in the grey bleakness of the city in winter. One morning last week, buttoned up against the irrepressible sleet and the bitter cold, I was walking fast through an industrial park in South London, having deposited my car at the mechanic. Following myContinue reading “Winter walks in the city, by Frances Jones”

Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect

2018 has been a year of ups and downs; although, thankfully, mostly ups. The year marked by a great deal of personal and professional opportunities, myriad wonderful wild encounters and a whole host of new experiences. As is customary on this blog, I thought I would dedicate some time to knocking up something which vaguelyContinue reading “Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect”

The latest New Nature Magazine is out!

Autumn leaves drift through the air, caught and propelled in a gust of wind before they touch down to the earth – this season is in full swing now, and winter is creeping ever nearer. The cold mornings will soon see frost cling to the crisped leaves and car windows, as the man-made and naturalContinue reading “The latest New Nature Magazine is out!”

The Maple, the Beech and the Lime, by Frances Jones

Last week I bought a book. A slim book, with a green and white cover. It was called ‘The Tree’ and was written by John Fowles. I didn’t know anything about it, except that I liked the title and the soft colours on the cover, thereby ignoring the oft-quoted advice on how not to judgeContinue reading “The Maple, the Beech and the Lime, by Frances Jones”

Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment

Updated November 2021 For some odd reason, the previous blogs I have published highlighting other great environmental bloggers [here, here and here] have been some of the most popular on this site to date. For this reason, I thought I would put together an even bigger list flagging up the best nature, wildlife and environmentContinue reading “Top blogs on nature, wildlife and the environment”

Cyclamen and Summer’s End, by Frances Jones

A late afternoon in the final week of summer and I found myself taking a detour along the edge of woodland on my local common. The place was bathed in a vivid light, bright enough to illuminate the trees in their various shades of green, and there was a strong breeze that whipped around myContinue reading “Cyclamen and Summer’s End, by Frances Jones”