Signs of Spring, by Frances Jones

My walk through the woods has become significantly more important for me since the announcement came that the country was going into lockdown. The song of the blackbird, the sight of a butterfly; these and many more moments have become more precious as the freedom to move whenever and wherever is reduced. After a numberContinue reading “Signs of Spring, by Frances Jones”

Tales from the urban jungle

It certainly feels like Spring has sprung in my little corner of Newcastle: garish daffodils of all shapes and sizes adorn the roadsides, House Sparrows emerge from beneath the slates of terraced homes and cool yet brighter mornings are marked by the fluted notes of Song Thrush and the caterwauling of returning Lesser Black-backed Gulls.Continue reading “Tales from the urban jungle”

Bringing Nature into the Music Lesson, by Frances Jones

On New Year’s Eve, in a cosy cafe over pots of tea, a friend put a question to the group: ‘So what are you going to do to save the planet this year?’ I don’t fly, and have for a long time tried to tread lightly and shop sustainably, although I can always do better.Continue reading “Bringing Nature into the Music Lesson, by Frances Jones”

Another issue of New Nature!

We’re delighted to bring you yet another edition of New Nature, the youth nature magazine. Covering September and October, the publication is jampacked with content associated with wildlife and wild spaces. You can download the latest edition for free. For now, I will leave you with an introduction to the latest issue courtesy of outgoingContinue reading “Another issue of New Nature!”

The latest edition of New Nature!

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for – well, some of you at least. The latest edition of New Nature magazine, covering July and August, is out now and can be viewed at your leisure here: We are well into the summer months now and I hope you are all enjoying yourContinue reading “The latest edition of New Nature!”

In the Company of Trees, by Frances Jones

Yesterday I joined a walk on Wimbledon Common led by Peter Fiennes, author of an absorbing and beautiful book on trees. Oak, Ash and Thorn sets out the case for Britain’s woodland and I liked the idea of discussing this subject within the woodland itself. We gathered, rather aptly, under an oak, its crown providingContinue reading “In the Company of Trees, by Frances Jones”

Common By Nature commended at the UK Blog Awards!

Common By Nature, the blog you are perusing at this very moment in time, has taken the ‘Highly Commended’ position in the nature and wildlife category of tonights UK Blog Awards, and it looks like I owe readers of this blog a whopping great thank you! Truth be told, I haven’t published much in theContinue reading “Common By Nature commended at the UK Blog Awards!”

An hour in the company of aliens

Britain’s cities have served as the epicentre for countless invasions over the years. Landing sites, if you would, where species from far-flung destinations – East Asia, North America and closer to home, in Europe – gain first a toe-hold before beginning their creeping advance across the land. Here, in the city, the wheels of countlessContinue reading “An hour in the company of aliens”

The latest New Nature Magazine is out!

It is nothing short of delightful to see New Nature Magazine going from strength to strength following its conception in late 2016. It’s exquisite design and fabulous content are testament to the young volunteers who dedicate their time, freely, to amplifying the voices of the next generation. It is with great pleasure that I canContinue reading “The latest New Nature Magazine is out!”

Winter walks in the city, by Frances Jones

I’ve been making a conscious effort, since January 1st, to notice nature in the grey bleakness of the city in winter. One morning last week, buttoned up against the irrepressible sleet and the bitter cold, I was walking fast through an industrial park in South London, having deposited my car at the mechanic. Following myContinue reading “Winter walks in the city, by Frances Jones”

The Post Christmas Escape

Dawn broke overhead as I took my first, adrenaline-fueled steps into the reedbeds of Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, the grey-blue sky, a vestige of the previous frigid night,  soon yielding to pleasant silver as the day got underway. The only lasting remnant of the darker, colder hours before coming from the veil of fog lingeringContinue reading “The Post Christmas Escape”

10 Tips for Nature Bloggers

I started this website as a place to express my interest in the natural world and to share sightings and photographs from my local ventures. Truth be told, I never planned to start writing; although five-years in, here I am, waffling regularly about myriad environmental topics and thoroughly enjoying myself. Blogging, ultimately, is about findingContinue reading “10 Tips for Nature Bloggers”