The latest edition of New Nature!

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for – well, some of you at least. The latest edition of New Nature magazine, covering July and August, is out now and can be viewed at your leisure here:

We are well into the summer months now and I hope you are all enjoying your various holidays, taking every opportunity to enjoy this season’s nature offerings.

Spring has always been the season of new beginnings and change – and that is something that I hope we have been seeing in the last few months. Whether you agree or not with Extinction Rebellion’s methods, they have certainly brought the subject of climate change to the forefront of everybody’s minds.

Here at New Nature, climate change is an important subject to us too. Which is why in this issue, we are asking you to send in your thoughts and feelings about climate change and the future of our planet (p46). Another thing which is new this month is some of our team! We have welcomed several new team members, so say hello to Jess Hamilton, Emily Seccombe, Emily Cooper and Hannah Rudd, and check out more about them on our team page. (p4)

As well as that we have lots of fantastic articles for you to enjoy, so kick back on your beach towel and get stuck in! We travel to Northern Ireland for our places to go this issue (p10), then dive down into the depths where we learn about limpets with Elliot Chandler (p20), investigate maerl beds with Harriet Gardiner (p22), learn about the importance of plankton with Sam Street (p36) and get up close to British sharks with Hannah Rudd

Thanks so much for joining us for another issue – and as always, we want to hear from you, so please get in touch to share your views, photographs and articles!

Alexandra Pearce-Broomhead, Editor-in-Cheif

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