Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect

2018 has been a year of ups and downs; although, thankfully, mostly ups. The year marked by a great deal of personal and professional opportunities, myriad wonderful wild encounters and a whole host of new experiences. As is customary on this blog, I thought I would dedicate some time to knocking up something which vaguelyContinue reading “Another ‘wild’ year in retrospect”

How to write a nature blog, by Newton Wildsmith

So you want to start a blog. A nature blog, no less. Hats off to you for taking some steps closer to creating one. There is always room on the web for another voice for the natural world. This article is all about how to blog about nature. What format and style to choose, theContinue reading “How to write a nature blog, by Newton Wildsmith”

The benefits of ‘curtain twitching’

We all have days when everything feels like just a little bit too much: like myriad tasks are mounting up uncontrollably while motivation [and self-worth] are cascading downwards. Slumps and spells of low creativity as we bemoan mounting pressures but do little to combat them due to persistent, nagging and quite frankly, irritating, doubts. Yes,Continue reading “The benefits of ‘curtain twitching’”

Autumn in Suburbia, by Frances Jones

I was returning home from work along the scenic route, having been tempted by the sunshine to prolong my journey. I followed the path along the river, which was a busy, but pleasant, highway with cyclists, runners and pedestrians, some pausing and taking a slower pace than they might otherwise in cooler weather. The treesContinue reading “Autumn in Suburbia, by Frances Jones”

Can nature blogging make a difference?

I have written before about the virtues of blogging from a personal perspective and the ample benefits it brings in terms of personal development, networking and general enjoyment. As such, it will come as no surprise to learn that I thoroughly enjoy blogging and, in turn, derive great pleasure from reading the virtual musings ofContinue reading “Can nature blogging make a difference?”

BBC Wildlife Blogger of the Week

This week, I was kindly awarded the honour of Blogger of the Week by BBC Wildlife Magazine for my recent piece regarding my local patch: the Half-Penny Wood. This is the second time I have been lucky enough to be featured by the publication – the last being back in 2015 – and I reallyContinue reading “BBC Wildlife Blogger of the Week”

The good news keeps on coming

After a pretty tedious day of rain, menial work and more rain, I was delighted to receive two loads of good news this evening. The first coming from my University who kindly informed me that I received 71% for my final taught Masters module. This grade taking me to within striking distance of an overall distinction should myContinue reading “The good news keeps on coming”

A quick life update

I have been rather quiet on this blog recently, at least by my usual vocal standards. I can assure you that this is because I have been incredibly busy – with work, writing and university – and not because my interest has waned. For those who follow this blog loyally (to my surprise, there areContinue reading “A quick life update”

6 Reasons I Spend Time In Nature

I spend the majority of my free time outdoors: birding, writing, taking pictures, recording, watching and, occasionally, ambling absent any particular aim. For me, the wilds that lie beyond my front door are a second home. On in which I can be myself, think, muse and hide away from the tedium of modern life. FromContinue reading “6 Reasons I Spend Time In Nature”

Nature Blogging: Why Bother?

One of the most common questions raised whenever someone stumbles across this blog, particularly from those of a non-environmental background is: why bother? Surely it takes up too much time, provides very little in the way of a reward and is generally rather tedious. A good question, actually, though one I struggle to answer on aContinue reading “Nature Blogging: Why Bother?”

Nine nature blogs you all should follow

It is no secret that I love blogging. Writing about wildlife is a great passion of mine, something that has allowed me to meet and interact with a number of highly passionate individuals, many of whom likewise maintain blogs of their own. At present, rarely a day goes by without at least an hour spent trawlingContinue reading “Nine nature blogs you all should follow”