A cheeky appearance on BBC Countryfile

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Now that the show has aired, I thought I would draw attention to the most recent episode of BBC Countryfile where, around halfway through, I pop up in a short segment regarding Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s fantastic Hauxley Nature Reserve. A brief feature slotted nicely in the middle of some truly brilliant works focused on Roseate Terns, farming and the use of drones in mountain rescue operations.

The episode and my own fleeting appearance can be viewed here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b2tgrk/countryfile-northumberland

During the hours spent filming on the reserve (yes, hours – all to make five minutes of telly) I chatted presenter Steve Brown about blogging (a surprising topic for a show such as this but one I am always happy to discuss), my own childhood and Red Squirrels. Filming with the CF crew was nothing short of a pleasure and I am really grateful to Steve, in particular, for encouraging me during bouts of slurred words, mispronunciation and nerves – not all of us are cut out for TV!

Anyways, to say I was surprised to be asked to feature in this short piece regarding the accessibility of nature would be an understatement. The whole thing came quite out of the blue; though I most certainly enjoyed the experience. Both as an opportunity to try something new, and as a chance to talk about many of the things I care about. I started this blog a number of years back as an outlet for my thoughts and views on the natural world – it still fulfils that purpose – but never did I anticipate that blogging would lead me to appear in one of my favourite TV shows. It’s a funny old world!

Great views of the reserves renowned Red Squirrels were just the cherry on top, really…

Red Squirrel from Hauxley a few years back