It’s time to ban balloon releases

A new petition has been launched calling on the government to outlaw the release of ecologically damaging balloons and sky lanterns. The unnecessary practice of releasing both items is widespread in Britain, despite the fact that both cause harm to the environment. Causing death when ingested by both terrestrial and marine species, littering the countryside with plastics and, in the case of the latter, causing fires which threaten both animal and human life. I would urge everyone to take a moment, read the summary below and to sign the petition. It can be found here.

Balloon releases may look pretty, but they have to end up somewhere. They land in our seas & countryside where birds get tangled up in the ribbons, or the balloons & ribbons are eaten by other wildlife causing slow & painful death. Sky lanterns are even more dangerous. Sometimes landing early before the flame has extinguished, causing fire & damage with the possible risk to life. We wouldn’t accept people littering our streets, so why accept littering our countryside?



  1. Dave Blake says:

    When you sign, please tell your MP that you have done so (the petitions web site will tell you who your MP is if you don’t already know) and urge them to write to Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove on this matter.

    1. James Common says:

      Hear hear!

  2. Tony says:

    Farmers have been trying to get sky lanterns banned for many years, perhaps it’s something both sides can agree on for once.

    1. James Common says:

      Definitely Tony! No point fighting for the same cause on separate fronts.

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