New Nature issue 9!

This month has seen a bit of a change in the New Nature team. Due to the success
of previous issues, we now have three new team members. We have Lauriane Suyin, our Outreach Manager, and Emma-Jo Pereira who is our new Social
Media Manager. I (Scott) am also new and I will be part of the editorial team. We
are all very excited to be part of New Nature and look forward to working here.

We’ve got a very full edition this month with a lot of great content and many new contributors which is fantastic to see. Our regular pieces still remain though, and Adam Canning reminds us what a great month this is for wildlife with his piece on “What to watch for” in September (Page 6). We also have Alix Zelly focusing on red squirrels in “Species Focus” (Page 24) and our very own Elliot Dowding presents the field maple tree as an underrated species (Page 10). Dara McAnulty and Isla Dawn Hodgson have both written excellent pieces on the plight of the hen harrier (Page 16 & 18) whilst Antaia Christou and David Bassett have provided this month’s opinion piece, arguing
both sides of the hunting debate (Page 20).

All those articles combined don’t even make up half of this month’s issue though so we owe a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us articles this month. It has been a pleasure to read your work and we hope you enjoy seeing it in print. Remember to follow us on social media and drop us an email if you would like to be a contributor as we are always looking for new people and new ideas. From the whole team here, thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this edition!

Check out New Nature issue 8 here: 
Scott Thomson
Content Editor

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