New Nature: from strength to strength

Have you heard of New Nature yet? Given the social media storm surrounding our launch and the positive feedback still appearing regularly on Twitter and Facebook, you may well have. If not, rest assured that there is still plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the magazine and the fabulous young naturalists, writers, scientists and ecologists who have helped bring it to life. And who continue to supply us with intriguing articles to be posted online, for your reading pleasure, each month.

The response to New Nature thus far has been nothing short of humbling. With the kind comments of environmental professionals, conservation organisations and, of course, young people allowing us to build up a modest social media presence and, more importantly, a large (and growing) reader base. From our initial feedback, it would seem that many feel we are living up to our initial aim: to promote, embolden and celebrate the myriad dedicated young people working to protect the natural world. And many more feel we have at least produced something eye-catching and enjoyable. This, of course, has left myself and the rest of the team smiling profusely.

With the magazine now in its fifth issue and more popular than ever, it is clear that we are doing something right. With a number of our young writers recently snapped up by paid publications and interest now filtering in from far larger and more renowned bodies, things are looking rosy; though it has not all been plain sailing and, at times, running the magazine has proven outright difficult. With myself and the rest of the team each squeezing in editing, admin and promotion where we can,  between full-jobs, degrees, volunteer work and other pressing personal commitments. It has been difficult to stay on top of things; difficult to maintain the high standard set by our first issue and even more difficult to keep up with the plethora of emails, tweets and Facebook messages from aspiring contributors, supporters and external bodies. We are managing, however, and intend to keep managing for as long as we can.

The fifth issue of New Nature has been one of my favourites to date. Perhaps this is due to the fabulous photography included within – including our cover image by the incredibly talented Oscar Dewhurst – or perhaps this is down to the articles. With this month’s interview, featuring the wonderful Lucy McRobert, certainly one of our more memorable to date. Instead of me waffling about it, however, please take a look for yourselves here: 

For those (under 30) looking to contribute to New Nature you can contact the editorial team at: – we would be delighted to hear from you.


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