#VisionForNature: A Groundbreaking Call For Change

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 This week, to widespread applause, ‘A Focus on Nature’ published their phenomenal #VisionForNature report. A document like no other – one in which a plethora of incredibly passionate young naturalists set out their vision for nature by the year 2050. A document which, following two years of hard work on behalf of those involved, stands as a loud, proud, call for change; urging the government to immediately step up and offer our embattled wildlife the increased protection it so desperately requires. The report can be downloaded here and truly, if you read one thing today, let it be this.

Vision For Nature is bold, very bold: highlighting the shortcomings of politicians and decision makers who, to date, have done very little to safeguard the environment. Not only does it call for the increased protection of wildlife and wild spaces, but for a fundamental shift in the way we view and interact with nature. It calls for a greener society and ecological integration into all areas of daily life. Calling on businesses, food producers, educators and landowners alike to do their bit, and ensure that by 2050, nature will find itself in a far better state. The report itself setting out recommendations for each group in turn, offering clear intruction as to how each – farmers, landowners, politicians and more – can shape the future of the British ecosystem. In the report, no stone is left unturned and no possibility unexplored, and AFON do not hold back when stressing how things could, and should be, in the future.

Vision For Nature is also unprecedented in the sense that it also calls for change on behalf  of conservation bodies. A brave move, and one that personally, I find nothing short of admirable. It exposes the flaws of the nature conservation movement, with a notable example being the lack of social and racial diversity in the field. The report calls on NGOs to be open their doors to those from all walks of life, not just the priviledged few who, at present, can afford to enter the field. It states the need for a living wage for interns and for a rethink of entry requirments for roles within the sector. Moves which, if acted upon, will surely inspire many and more young people, from all backgrounds, to take up arms in the protection of nature.

In short, the Vision For Nature has great potential, both as a constituion for future, ecologically-concious goverments and bench-mark to which each and every one of us must strive to reach, if we are to protect nature. It has the potential to not only influence policy, but to influence the very lives of each and every person living in the UK. Particualy young people, who through education and increased opportunies may well find themselves in a position to enact further positive change come 2050. After, of couse, the aspirations set out in the report are met. Which, choosing to think positively, I am sure they will be. Due, in no small part, to the hard work and determination of the young people currently rallying in defense of the natural world. Well done to all involved, Vision for Nature truly is remarkable.

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