How YOU can help the environment post Brexit.

Dr Rob Sheldon recently published an excellent blog post on what average joes like you, and me, can do to safeguard the environment post-Brexit. The piece can be found here, I would really advise everyone to give it a read.

In it, Rob sets out a number of things each and every one of us can do to ensure our voices are heard, and the topics we care about – whether that be conservation, protective legislation or anything else – are discussed. Now more than ever it is imperative that we raise a clamour of the kind never before seen in Britain. It is important that we unify, pool resources and provide a powerful voice for the environment which looks set to be swept under the rug once more – with our politicians once more turning a blind eye to the needs of our embattled countryside. As such, I have included below, courtesy of Rob, a list of eight things you all should consider in the coming months. With an extra addition by myself.

1)      If you aren’t a member or supporter of a conservation or environmental NGO, then consider joining one. RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have a proven track record in influencing wildlife and environmental policy.

2)      If you are a member of a wildlife or conservation NGO, then please write to the Chief Executive asking them to take immediate and positive action for a post-Brexit environment. Ask them to join forces with other NGOs and organisations to provide a large unified voice that can’t be ignored.

3)      Join the Green Party as the only political party in the UK that has the environment at its core.

4)      Write to your MP and explain your concerns for the future of the UK environment and that you want to see the environment at the heart of the Brexit negotiations. Find your MP here.

5)      Get active on social media? Do you use Twitter or Facebook? If so make regular contributions about the environment. Follow the NGOs and leading environmental figures and help spread a positive message.

6)      The Environmental Audit Committee have recently launched an inquiry into the future of the natural environment after the EU referendum. Take part, either by contributing directly or asking any NGOs that you are a member of to put across your views.

7)      Zach Haynes has recently set up a petition on the UK Government and Parliament website asking for strong environmental and wildlife laws to be adopted. If you agree, then simply sign it.

8)      Talk to your family, friends and work colleagues about the natural environment and how wonderful it is. Help create a sense of pride in our natural environment. Yes, it could be better, but it could also be worse.

9) Join us at Wilder, a new wildlife-specific, grassroots campaign set up to lobby support for the natural world. An organisation which, though in its infancy, is helmed by a dedicated group of young conservationists – each passionate about preserving the laws that safeguard our wildlife. I will be tweeting and blogging from their accounts for the foreseeable future, and look forward to sharing a lot more excellent article, such as the one above, in the very near future.

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