New Nature – the ‘mad March’ edition

Traditionally, March is the first month of Spring: a time of pleasant birdsong, early blooms and fresh, new life. This year, things appear somewhat different. Storm Emma and the Beast from the East have collided and merged and Britain, for the large part, finds itself enduring what seems to many like a second Winter. SnowContinue reading “New Nature – the ‘mad March’ edition”

New Nature: Issue 14

It’s been a very busy time lately with lots of interesting environmental news being released this month. Don’t worry if you missed any of it though as, in this issue of New Nature, Abby Condliffe gives us 10 easy ways to help the environment right now (p.26), and our own Emma Pereira recaps the government’sContinue reading “New Nature: Issue 14”

New Nature issue 10!

October is an exciting time in the naturalist’s calendar: a period of conspicuous and adrenaline pumping change as leaves redden, red deer roar and myriad migrant birds grace our coastal watch points. It is a time of returning wonders – geese, swans and thrushes, of succulent fruits, curious fungi and tumultuous weather. All of which,Continue reading “New Nature issue 10!”