Another issue of New Nature!

We’re delighted to bring you yet another edition of New Nature, the youth nature magazine. Covering September and October, the publication is jampacked with content associated with wildlife and wild spaces. You can download the latest edition for free. For now, I will leave you with an introduction to the latest issue courtesy of outgoingContinue reading “Another issue of New Nature!”

The latest New Nature Magazine is out!

It is nothing short of delightful to see New Nature Magazine going from strength to strength following its conception in late 2016. It’s exquisite design and fabulous content are testament to the young volunteers who dedicate their time, freely, to amplifying the voices of the next generation. It is with great pleasure that I canContinue reading “The latest New Nature Magazine is out!”

New Nature Magazine – January edition

The latest edition of New Nature magazine is now live and can be downloaded and enjoyed (for free) here. It has been exactly two years since we published the first issue of New Nature. In that time, we have brought you nature writing, art, photography and myriad environmental stories from those at the heart ofContinue reading “New Nature Magazine – January edition”

The latest New Nature Magazine is out!

Autumn leaves drift through the air, caught and propelled in a gust of wind before they touch down to the earth – this season is in full swing now, and winter is creeping ever nearer. The cold mornings will soon see frost cling to the crisped leaves and car windows, as the man-made and naturalContinue reading “The latest New Nature Magazine is out!”

Want to inspire more young naturalists? Then its time to celebrate those we already have

There is an awful lot of negativity in the environmental field. Little wonder really, given the sorry state of the wider countryside, the downward trends displayed by many wildlife populations, climate change and the continued prominence of issues such as land mismanagement and plastic pollution. Indeed, everywhere we look another ecosystem faces ruin, and bothContinue reading “Want to inspire more young naturalists? Then its time to celebrate those we already have”

New Nature issue 10!

October is an exciting time in the naturalist’s calendar: a period of conspicuous and adrenaline pumping change as leaves redden, red deer roar and myriad migrant birds grace our coastal watch points. It is a time of returning wonders – geese, swans and thrushes, of succulent fruits, curious fungi and tumultuous weather. All of which,Continue reading “New Nature issue 10!”

New Nature Issue 8!

The August edition of New Nature, the youth nature magazine, has been released and is now available to download online and free. Check it out: This issue has a definite marine theme and features some fabulous writing with regards to cetaceans, micro plastics and marine wildlife; in addition to an interview with Andy Bool, theContinue reading “New Nature Issue 8!”

Six months of New Nature

It has been nothing short of a pleasure to work on New Nature magazine over the past six months: to read and publish the work of our marvellous young contributors and labour alongside the various, incredibly diligent, individuals that currently reside on our editorial team. Each of whom, through thick and thin, have given their timeContinue reading “Six months of New Nature”