Tag: Urban Flora

  • Cotoneaster salicifolius

    Cotoneaster salicifolius forms a tree-like shrub to a maximum of 6-8 metres. Named for its willow-like leaves, it is native to China.

  • 10 Coastal Plants Colonising the City

    Take a closer look at the coastal plants or halophytes spreading along roadsides to colonise the city.

  • 10 Urban Plants on the Rise in Newcastle

    Just for fun, take a quick look at 10 urban plants currently on the increase across Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

  • An Urban Flora of Newcastle – One Year On

    A project update following a busy old year surveying the urban flora of Newcastle.

  • Newcastle’s Urban Flora – A Project Update

    An account of a busy season recording for what I’m loosely calling an ‘Urban Flora of Newcastle’.

  • Getting to Grips with Spring Bulbs

    Last weekend, I decided to take a closer look at wild and naturalised spring bulbs. From snowdrops to crocuses, here are a few spotted on recent walks. Daffodils, crocuses and of course, snowdrops are some of our most iconic and beautiful spring flowers. Despite this, they can be a tricky bunch to tell apart with…

  • An Urban Flora of Newcastle: Progress & Problems so Far

    An update on ongoing survey carried out to map and record the diverse and fascinating Urban Flora of Newcastle.

  • Exploring Urban Cotoneasters in Newcastle

    Recently, I’ve been taking a closer look at wild and naturalised cotoneasters in Newcastle. Here’s what I’ve found so far, from an amateur’s perspective.

  • Adventives and Invaders at Walker Riverside

    A short round-up of a glorious Saturday morning spent botanising one of my favourite local sites. It is no secret that I am a big fan of the messy, post-industrial yet incredibly diverse riverside park at Walker. Visiting for a few years now, I’ve already amassed a fairly respectable plant list for the site yet…