Birding in Northumberland 2017: the highlights

Now, this is a post for the avian-inclined individuals out there… For those of you who didn’t know, I set myself a challenge at the start of 2017. One which would see me attempt to glimpse as many bird species as possible in my home county over the course of a single year. No easyContinue reading “Birding in Northumberland 2017: the highlights”

Birders Behaving Badly

By large, birders are a nice bunch and bad behaviour and poor etiquette among devotees is, thankfully, rather scarce – though this does not mean it does not occur. Many of those boasting a penchant for the hobby will have witnessed such behaviour, the practice of tape luring birds during the breeding season for example,Continue reading “Birders Behaving Badly”

Here’s why I, personally, watch birds

My attention was recently drawn to an interesting article authored for The Conversation by the esteemed and eloquent Dr Robert Lambert. Centred on the logic behind birding (or twitching, if you prefer), I found the piece highly interesting, both as a birder who spends a great deal of his time observing our feathered friends and as anContinue reading “Here’s why I, personally, watch birds”

2016: Birding in Review

I have always been a birder, of sorts. Though one who, traditionally, prefers to watch birds on my local patch: formerly at Stobswood, now, Blyth. Content, for some time, to revel in the antics of the more common species that persist in our countryside and, historically, giving little thought towards twitching. The thought of traveling hugeContinue reading “2016: Birding in Review”

An Autumn Extravaganza

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to enjoy what was, without a shred of doubt, one of the best days birding I have ever experienced. A day jam-packed with everything which makes the hobby so appealing: globetrotting rarities, seasonal spectacles, serene settings and a wealth of fantastic people. All of which unfolded as I departedContinue reading “An Autumn Extravaganza”

Into the murky depths of Teeside..

A rare jaunt outside the county yesterday found me delving into the murky depths of Teeside with the lovely Sacha Elliott (@Sacha_Ecology), intent on a day of semi-localised twitching. All in all, a great day was had all around; good weather, good food, good company and, more importantly, great birds making for an exciting fewContinue reading “Into the murky depths of Teeside..”