Nature-depleted Scotland needs a new era of rewilding says landmark book

A sticking plaster approach to conservation is failing Scotland’s wildlife – and with species such as red squirrel, wild cat and capercaillie declining or on the edge of extinction, a new era of massive rewilding is needed, says a landmark new book from Trees for Life and SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Scotland has space andContinue reading “Nature-depleted Scotland needs a new era of rewilding says landmark book”

Call for public support towards a wilder Scotland

Golden eagles, beavers, ospreys and pine martens will take centre stage in a landmark new conservation book aiming to inspire a change in attitudes and a move towards a wilder Scotland. Scotland: A Rewilding Journey will lay out a vision of how rewilding could transform Scotland and benefit its people and wildlife.  It is being supportedContinue reading “Call for public support towards a wilder Scotland”

Edward Grierson: The Importance of Community-Owned Land

For most of July, I was on holiday on the West of Scotland where, during my stay, I visited one particular island twice. This was Eigg, one of the Inner Hebrides, and an island with a remarkable story. Eigg, having been passed through successive landowners since the 12th century, suffered notorious mismanagement in the 1980sContinue reading “Edward Grierson: The Importance of Community-Owned Land”

Flaviu – An Inadvertent Pioneer?

Almost a fortnight past, Dartmoor Zoo was the location of a daring escape. One centred on Flaviu, a male Carpathian Lynx, and his successful break for freedom. Slipping off the shackles of his captivity mere hours after being transferred to the zoo from Kent and quickly melting away into the Devon countryside where he remainsContinue reading “Flaviu – An Inadvertent Pioneer?”

Scotland so far, in pictures..

With little time to blog about my Scotland experience so far this year I thought I would let my pictures do the talking, for once. Below is only a small selection of the natural wonders observed so far this season, omitting many other special sights: Hen Harrier, Merlin, Golden Eagle and the like, all ofContinue reading “Scotland so far, in pictures..”

Capering in the Cairngorms (& Black Isle)

I’ve been back from Scotland a mere few hours and already I find myself compelled to waffle about what was, in truth, a truly exquisite few days. The highlands have always captivated me; the rugged terrain, vast native forests, whisky, haggis and, of course, superb wildlife. This week found me presented with the perfect chanceContinue reading “Capering in the Cairngorms (& Black Isle)”