An Urban Flora of Newcastle – One Year On

A project update following a busy old year surveying the urban flora of Newcastle.

Adventives and Invaders at Walker Riverside

A short round-up of a glorious Saturday morning spent botanising one of my favourite local sites. It is no secret that I am a big fan of the messy, post-industrial yet incredibly diverse riverside park at Walker. Visiting for a few years now, I’ve already amassed a fairly respectable plant list for the site yetContinue reading “Adventives and Invaders at Walker Riverside”

How to grow Henbane

With its large, hairy, lobed leaves and bell-shaped ivory blooms, each sporting a understated but beautiful purple centre, it is an undeniably attractive plant

A Tale of Two Plant Hunts

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland’s (BSBI) New Year Plant Hunt is an annual event in which botanists, experts and amateurs alike, head out to record the plant species bucking the time-honoured trend and blooming in the depths of winter. Now in its ninth year, the four-day survey is both great fun and anContinue reading “A Tale of Two Plant Hunts”

An hour in the company of aliens

Britain’s cities have served as the epicentre for countless invasions over the years. Landing sites, if you would, where species from far-flung destinations – East Asia, North America and closer to home, in Europe – gain first a toe-hold before beginning their creeping advance across the land. Here, in the city, the wheels of countlessContinue reading “An hour in the company of aliens”

The North-West Rare Plant Initiative, a guest blog by Joshua Styles

The concept of island biogeography was first laid out by MacArther & Wilson (1967) in a book entitled ‘The Theory of Island Biogeography’. The concept was relatively simple in its key principles; that ‘islands’ that are small are capable of supporting fewer species than larger ‘islands’, and that the further away these ‘islands’ are fromContinue reading “The North-West Rare Plant Initiative, a guest blog by Joshua Styles”