Initial steps taken to combat Puffin declines

The RSPB’s Project Puffin has taken the first steps towards solving the mystery of why some puffin colonies in the UK are in dramatic decline. To do this, RSPB scientists analysed more than 1400 photos sent in by the public, helping them to build a better picture of what these iconic seabirds are feeding theirContinue reading “Initial steps taken to combat Puffin declines”

Photography: My Favourite “Lucky Captures”

Wildlife photography is, unfortunately, not one of my strengths – it never has been, and due to my reluctance to purchase anything more substantial than my current camera, likely never will be. Photography, for me, is more about capturing a moment – to aid with writing and reminiscing at a later date – as opposed toContinue reading “Photography: My Favourite “Lucky Captures””

Scotland so far, in pictures..

With little time to blog about my Scotland experience so far this year I thought I would let my pictures do the talking, for once. Below is only a small selection of the natural wonders observed so far this season, omitting many other special sights: Hen Harrier, Merlin, Golden Eagle and the like, all ofContinue reading “Scotland so far, in pictures..”