Tag: North East Nature

  • Exploring North East Nature in 2022 – A Few Highlights

    A summary of a fantastic year spent watching, recording, and enjoying North East nature. often in great company.

  • Where to watch wildlife in the North East: Silverlink Biodiversity Park

    In a new series of articles, we’ll be taking a look at the best places to watch wildlife in  North East England. By no means comprehensive but hopefully informative, these posts are intended to provide inspiration on where to visit in the North East to observe and enjoy nature, as well as detailing some of…

  • The benefits of ‘curtain twitching’

    We all have days when everything feels like just a little bit too much: like myriad tasks are mounting up uncontrollably while motivation [and self-worth] are cascading downwards. Slumps and spells of low creativity as we bemoan mounting pressures but do little to combat them due to persistent, nagging and quite frankly, irritating, doubts. Yes,…