Nature-depleted Scotland needs a new era of rewilding says landmark book

A sticking plaster approach to conservation is failing Scotland’s wildlife – and with species such as red squirrel, wild cat and capercaillie declining or on the edge of extinction, a new era of massive rewilding is needed, says a landmark new book from Trees for Life and SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. Scotland has space andContinue reading “Nature-depleted Scotland needs a new era of rewilding says landmark book”

Bumper breeding season for rare waders

It was uplifting to learn that Black-tailed Godwits, the elegant wading birds at the heart of the outstanding Project Godwit initiative, have enjoyed a bumper breeding season in Southern England. Below you will find a news release from the organisations involved in the PG scheme for you to peruse at your leisure – surely weContinue reading “Bumper breeding season for rare waders”

Call for public support towards a wilder Scotland

Golden eagles, beavers, ospreys and pine martens will take centre stage in a landmark new conservation book aiming to inspire a change in attitudes and a move towards a wilder Scotland. Scotland: A Rewilding Journey will lay out a vision of how rewilding could transform Scotland and benefit its people and wildlife.  It is being supportedContinue reading “Call for public support towards a wilder Scotland”

Pondering those godawful ‘pigeon spikes’

Modern society is growing increasingly disconnected from the natural world. That, unfortunately, is a fact. And it will come as no surprise to learn that many, particularly (but not limited to) those living in urban areas, have come to view wildlife as a hindrance in daily life or, worse still, a mere obstacle to be killed,Continue reading “Pondering those godawful ‘pigeon spikes’”