Blue Comfrey (Symphytum caucasicum)

Well, here we have it, the first in a new series of ‘What’s Growing‘ posts taking a look at some of the unusual, colourful or otherwise interesting plants we’ve somehow managed to cram into our already jam-packed Newcastle yarden. There’ll be nothing too heavy here, merely a moment of appreciation for a particular plant thatContinue reading “Blue Comfrey (Symphytum caucasicum)”

How to grow Henbane

With its large, hairy, lobed leaves and bell-shaped ivory blooms, each sporting a understated but beautiful purple centre, it is an undeniably attractive plant

A trip into the wildlife garden

Much as it did for great many people, I suspect, lockdown led to an increasing focus on gardening in our household. The focus for us being to transform our little urban yard into something appealing, for both wildlife and ourselves. I wrote about our mini-rewilding efforts a little last year (here) but realising that IContinue reading “A trip into the wildlife garden”

Laying the Foundations of a Wildlife Garden

Our garden (if we can call it that) was a barren old thing. Little more than a few square meters of concrete fenced off and overlooked on all sides by housing. Not exactly what you would call wildlife haven; though things did improve somewhat when we set about making a few small changes last year.Continue reading “Laying the Foundations of a Wildlife Garden”

Rewilding my urban garden

Like any self-respecting nature lover, the idea of wildlife gardening has always appealed to me. By nature, I want to do my bit to provide wildlife with a home and in doing so, conserve the various critters with whom I share my local area. A noble idea that many, thankfully, commit to, though one thatContinue reading “Rewilding my urban garden”