Cuddy ducks, clowns and stench of guano

Britain’s seabird colonies represent a spectacle like no other: bustling, raucous municipalities where a multitude of species congregate to form a single, far larger, living being. An avian city, cramped and lively, which moves and reacts as one when presented with danger, or opportunity – similar in many ways to the concrete jungles so manyContinue reading “Cuddy ducks, clowns and stench of guano”

Initial steps taken to combat Puffin declines

The RSPB’s Project Puffin has taken the first steps towards solving the mystery of why some puffin colonies in the UK are in dramatic decline. To do this, RSPB scientists analysed more than 1400 photos sent in by the public, helping them to build a better picture of what these iconic seabirds are feeding theirContinue reading “Initial steps taken to combat Puffin declines”