Putting nature back into the Peak District

Wading birds gathered in record numbers at Dove Stone in the Peak District this breeding season, all thanks to an ambitious ongoing bog restoration programme implemented by United Utilities and the RSPB. Over the summer, RSPB staff and volunteer surveyors recorded 49 pairs of dunlins at the Saddleworth site, up a quarter from the 39Continue reading “Putting nature back into the Peak District”

Blyth birding and a Dunlin in distress

Before I get into the usual local patch based rambling, I thought I would draw your attention to one of today’s more unusual events. Walking along the length of the estuary, as I do most days, a commotion on the shore caught my attention. From a distance I could see a Springer Spaniel bounding around atContinue reading “Blyth birding and a Dunlin in distress”