Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz comes to Newcastle

Have you heard of Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz?  If not, it’s essentially a ten-day tour of 50 wildlife sites scattered across Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales, conducted in an effort to highlight the extent to which our nation’s wildlife is under threat. With all data collected on the whirlwind tour being used to createContinue reading “Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz comes to Newcastle”

New Nature: thank you all!

A few months ago, toying with the idea of starting up an online magazine written and produced entirely by young people, I had hoped a few people may rally to the notion. I had hoped that some may be interested in reading such a document and others, particularly a few notable figures in the environmentalContinue reading “New Nature: thank you all!”

Autumnwatch: why I never miss a beat

The three watches’ have become somewhat of a national institution over the years, loved by many for bringing the best of Britain’s wildlife into our homes, whatever the season. Something which they do, reliably, through an enthralling mix of both education and entertainment – seldom falling short in terms of breathtaking imagery, intriguing facts andContinue reading “Autumnwatch: why I never miss a beat”

The New Forest is degrading, and Bambi is not to blame.

It may surprise you to learn that the New Forest, one of our few remaining relics of a more holistic Britain, is crumbling. From the inside out. The forest, like so many others in our day and age, plagued by overgrazing. The only difference being that, in this case, unlike other wooded areas continuously degraded through grazingContinue reading “The New Forest is degrading, and Bambi is not to blame.”