2016: A Wild Year In Retrospect (Part 1)

It has become somewhat of a tradition on this blog to, near the turn of the year, dwell momentarily on the high-points of the months past. To look back over my experiences and attempt to rank them based on my own enjoyment – if only for a spot of personal amusement. Truthfully, 2016 has been brilliantContinue reading “2016: A Wild Year In Retrospect (Part 1)”

Are Internships Skewed Away From The Poor?

You care about the environment, are utterly infatuated with natural history and decide you wish to work in the conservation sector. What next? You leave school, hopefully in possession of good grades, graduate university and are then faced with the harsh reality of just how competitive the sector really is. You work out that the only wayContinue reading “Are Internships Skewed Away From The Poor?”