Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I have not ventured outside much recently: due to Masters work, plotting for New Nature and various other, more tedious tasks. All of which, combined, has lent a distinctly special feel to recent ventures. The first of which, taking place in the company of the lovely Sacha Elliott, found me dashing off up the coast,Continue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

The Heralds Of Winter

When my mind wanders, I struggle to think of a bird that raises a clamour among those of an avian inclination half as much as the Waxwing. A species which, to me, embodies everything endearing about British wildlife: confiding, colourful, charismatic and a joy to behold, whatever the weather. Living on the East coast –Continue reading “The Heralds Of Winter”

Autumnwatch without taking a step

Sometimes it is necessary to simply sit back and wait for wildlife to come to you. To forsake the tendency to travel, far and wide, in search of wildlife, and simply wait in one place and allow nature to spring forth around you. This is what I have done on a number of occasions thisContinue reading “Autumnwatch without taking a step”

#PatchChat: No Place Like Home

There really is no place like home. Having arrived back for some much needed TLC following two months surveying in the Highlands, this week I set about reacquainting myself with the local patch. My how things have changed since I departed at the back-end of Spring. The Blyth is certainly in bloom at present, the meadowsContinue reading “#PatchChat: No Place Like Home”

Soaking up Spring on the local patch

Spring is well and truly here and the the last few days have been nothing short of glorious. Invertebrates emerging from hibernation, migrant birds fresh from Africa and a surplus of beautiful wildflowers bursting into bloom – the tedium of winter has been well and truly banished it seems. Of the plentiful wildflowers on show,Continue reading “Soaking up Spring on the local patch”

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung over my little patch of coastal Northumberland it seems. Bees, buds, butterflies and a whole host of interesting birds making the last week or so an entirely enjoyable affair. Despite the resurgence of some much loved species, the weather has left rather a lot to be desired; hale, rain, sleet, strongContinue reading “Spring has Sprung!”