#PatchChat: Back on the Blyth…

The last week has been spent getting well and truly reacquainted with my local patch – the Blyth Estuary. The lowlands of coastal Northumberland a far cry from the precipices of the Cairngorms and Banffshire where I had been stationed until quite recently, and the wildlife a welcome change to iconic, yet limited cast ofContinue reading “#PatchChat: Back on the Blyth…”

Blyth birding and a Dunlin in distress

Before I get into the usual local patch based rambling, I thought I would draw your attention to one of today’s more unusual events. Walking along the length of the estuary, as I do most days, a commotion on the shore caught my attention. From a distance I could see a Springer Spaniel bounding around atContinue reading “Blyth birding and a Dunlin in distress”