Autumn in Suburbia, by Frances Jones

I was returning home from work along the scenic route, having been tempted by the sunshine to prolong my journey. I followed the path along the river, which was a busy, but pleasant, highway with cyclists, runners and pedestrians, some pausing and taking a slower pace than they might otherwise in cooler weather. The treesContinue reading “Autumn in Suburbia, by Frances Jones”

Half-Penny: a woodland ablaze

Upon my latest visit to Half-Penny, it was not that birds that, as usual, occupied my undivided attention. Despite both the local Kingfishers and Dippers performing admirably. Nor was it the sites mammalian inhabitants, despite a Red Squirrel putting on a mighty fine show as it collected hazelnuts from the riparian shrubbery. No, today itContinue reading “Half-Penny: a woodland ablaze”

Half-Penny: signs of the seasons

Traversing the sunny (yet surprisingly cold) depths of Half-Penny this morning, one thing struck me above all else: the bounty of Autumnal fruit. This year, each and every fruit-bearing shrub appears laden with berries, much more so that usual. The stand of Blackthorn that grows, spindly and unkempt, by the entrance to the wood aboundsContinue reading “Half-Penny: signs of the seasons”

Avian Indicators Of The Shifting Season

Sadly, I have not been able to get outside half as much as I would have liked to over the past week. Largely due to Masters commitments (it is proving slightly more difficult than expected) and other, more menial tasks. I have, however, managed a few brief ventures into the great outdoors and what I haveContinue reading “Avian Indicators Of The Shifting Season”

Autumnwatch: why I never miss a beat

The three watches’ have become somewhat of a national institution over the years, loved by many for bringing the best of Britain’s wildlife into our homes, whatever the season. Something which they do, reliably, through an enthralling mix of both education and entertainment – seldom falling short in terms of breathtaking imagery, intriguing facts andContinue reading “Autumnwatch: why I never miss a beat”

An Autumn Extravaganza

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to enjoy what was, without a shred of doubt, one of the best days birding I have ever experienced. A day jam-packed with everything which makes the hobby so appealing: globetrotting rarities, seasonal spectacles, serene settings and a wealth of fantastic people. All of which unfolded as I departedContinue reading “An Autumn Extravaganza”

Autumn wonders and where to see them

Autumn is a season like no other: one of colour, action and perpetual movement. A season which I cherish above all others, which marks the start of a number of subliminal wild spectacles, as many species begin preparations for the winter to come, arrive, depart and burst to life. It is a season of soaringContinue reading “Autumn wonders and where to see them”

The Autumn Deluge Begins

Last week I wrote of the subtle passage of migrants along the Northumbrian coast – of large flocks of swallows, meadow pipits and skylarks all heading south – the respective heralds of the changing season. Following on from that, and with the aid of some persistent easterly winds, the autumn floodgates have well and trulyContinue reading “The Autumn Deluge Begins”