Silverlink wildlife

I’ve been recording wildlife at Silverlink for a few years now but only recently adopted it as my new local patch. Visiting more regularly, I wonder what else can we discover?

Exploring biodiversity at Silverlink

Home to an incredible array of plant and insect life, Silverlink Biodiversity Park is quickly becoming my go to place for local wildlife watching.

An urban gem sandwiched between office blocks, this relatively new site has a great deal of untapped potential. Promising to visit more regularly, I wonder what else we can discover?

Below you’ll find upates from the local patch and more information on wildlife at this great little place.

A slither of urban Tyneside

What exactly is a local patch? Simply put, a patch is an area, rural or urban, which is visited frequently. So much so, in fact, that it allows a person to thoroughly know an area and its wildlife.

It’s been years since I had a proper local patch. Indeed, I think I just like moving about too much in search of wildlife. That said, over recent years, I have found myself spending an increasing amount of time at one particular site in North Tyneside: Silverlink Biodiversity Park.

A small area of greenspace squirrelled away in the midst of a sprawling business park, the park was created on the site of a former tip in 1996. In 2005, it was declared a local nature reserve for its value for biodiversity. Today, the small site sandwiched between urbanisation holds a fantastic mix of habitats including ponds, woodland and calcareous grassland.

The boundaries of my patch at Silverlink
The boundaries of my adopted local patch

Owing to its relatively diverse mix of habitats, Silverlink is home to an impressive variety of wildlife. Some of which can come as quite a surprise to the unwary visitor!

The table below shows a breakdown of the species I have recorded at Silverlink so far. I suspect this will grow as I start to spend more time here and look closer at the wildlife of this special place.

Butterflies & Moths18
Bees and wasps14
Slugs & Snails2
Dragonflies and Damselflies6
True bugs8
Total species recorded286
Total species recorded on the patch as of July 2022

News from the local patch

A guided tour of the patch

Nature is often better when shared with others and this week, it was great to welcome several local naturalists to the patch.

Recent sightings from Silverlink

With summer in full swing, there has been lots to enjoy on the local patch including a fantastic array of plants and insects.