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Northumberland Botany Group

An informal new group for local people interested in botany within Northumberland. Open to beginners and experts alike.

Botany (and wildlife recording in general) can often be a solitary affair. For many of us, myself included, that suits us just fine most of the time. Sometimes, however, it is nice to do things as a group. Not least only for the company but also for the support and increased brainpower that comes with combining noggins!

It is for the reasons listed above that in 2022, I wanted to get the ball rolling on a new informal group for botanists in Northumberland. There were several reasons for this, though the most important consisted of:

While in its infancy, our new ‘Northumberland Botany Group’ has seen over 20 people register an interest and has enjoyed a few enjoyable outings. In 2023, we’ll be working with local naturalists and BSBI vice-county recorders to conduct surveys for rare plants, create site lists and generate useful plant records. All of which comes in addition to arranging some fun and enjoyable local walks.

Interested in joining in? Simply drop me an email to be added to our new Google group. This way, you’ll be contacted whenever a new opportunity arises. You’ll be free to attend as many outings as you like, and can leave at any time – just let me know if you’d like to be removed.

Please note, this is an informal group not directly associated with any organisation. Walks take place at short notice and attendees take part at their own risk. However, to help with decision-making, information on potential risks will be shared in advance.

Local botanists on a trip to Walker Riverside, Newcastle, in November
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