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Awards and Nominations

UK Blog Awards

Highly Commended: Nature and Wildlife Category (April 2019)

Finalist: Green and Eco Category (January 2019)

Highly Commended: Green and Eco Category (January 2018)

Winner: Green and Eco, Company Category, for New Nature Mag (April 2018)

Northern Blogger Awards

Finalist: Something different category (October 2017)

Living North Awards

Finalist: Promise and potential category (November 2016)

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Blogger of the Week (October 2017)

Blogger of the Month (October 2015)

Blogger of the Week (July 2015)


Winner: Winter of Wildlife writing competition (December 2014)


#1 in the ‘top 75’ UK wildlife blogs

#45 in the ‘top 100’ international nature blogs.

TV and Radio

Countryfile – BBC One. Aired on 06th May 2018

Look North, North East & Cumbria – BBC One. Aired on 20 May 2020.


Summer, An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

The Farne Islands (June, 2016)

Spring, An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

The Chiffchaff (March 2016)

Print Magazines

The Countryman

Included in the New Young Naturalists (January 2017)

Fieldsports Magazine

A Summer on a Moorland Estate (August 2016)


Life in the Northumbrian Undergrowth (November 2017)

The Day-flying Moths of Northumbria (July 2017)

Life in Northumbrian Churchyards (February 2018)

Four ‘common’ creature conundrums (July 2018)

Natural History Society of Northumbria

The changing face of nature communications (April, 18)

Dragonfly News

The Dragons and Damsels of Islay (October 2016)

Harrier Magazine

The Decline of the Willow Tit (May 2016)

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Featured, BBC Widlife Blogger of the Month (October 2015)

Northumberland Gazette

Could opencast mining benefit local ecology in the long-run? (June 2014)

Scientific Publications

The Entomologist’s Record

Small Dark-yellow Underwing on an Angus estate (July 2016)

St. Abbs Head Annual Seabird Report

The Breeding Productivity of Guillemots at St. Abbs Head NNR (May 2014)

Research Features

The Virtues of Wyoming King Air as a National Facility (September 2017)

Online Publications/Blogs

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Exploring the Lady of the North (Feb 2017)

Spring comes to Holywell (March 2017)

Dynamic Druridge (April 2017)

Walking at Weetslade Country Park (May 2017)

The Invertebrates of Newsham Pond (June 2017)

An Evening at Prestwick Carr (July 2017)

The autumn floodgates open at East Chev (October 2017)

Winter walking at Bakethin (January 2018)

Enduring the Beast at Cresswell Pond (March 2018)

Wildlife Articles

The Diet of Otters Lutra lutra on the River Petteril (June 2015)

Rewilding Britain – Pondering the Possibilities (June 2015)

Know Your Newts – Newt ID Made Easy (July 2015)

Vexing Voles – ID Made Easy (July 2015)

A spotlight on the UK Little Owl Project (August 2015)

Rewilding Britain, Pondering the Possibilities (August 2015)

Growing-Up a Naturalist – When Did Nature Become Uncool (September 2015)

The Woeful Decline of the Willow Tit (October 2016)

Magpies and Songbird Predation (October 2016)

Wildcat Conservationists Come to Blows Over Feral Cat Control (September 2016)

Autumnal Wonders And Where To See Them (October 2016)

Nature Blogging: Why Bother? (December 2016)

Conservation Jobs

Islay Goose Cull Commences Amid Opposition  (January 2015)

Rewilding; Lynx & Livestock in the UK (February 2015)

10 Words Of Advice To Aspiring Conservationists (March 2016)

Driven Grouse Shooting – The Implications for Upland Birds (March 2016)

Just what is causing the decline of UK Willow Tits? (October 2016)

An amateur guide to Vole ID (March 2016)

Martens & Capercaillie: A Clash of Conservation Interests? (June 2016)

The historic decline of the Grey Partridge Perdix perdix (July 2016)

Are deer a factor in woodland bird declines? (Septemeber 2016)

Are Magpies responsible for songbird declines? (October 2016)

The New Forest Is Degrading, And Bambi Is Not To Blame (October 2016)

Chronic Wasting Disease: A New Threat To Eurasia’s Deer? (November 2016)

If young people hope for a greener future, they must act now (November 2016)

Blasting News & Environment South Africa

Silence from Andrea Leadsom Over Hunting Act Repeal ( June 2016)

Five Conservation Success Stories From The UK (July 2016)

The Decline of the Black Grouse in the United Kingdom (October 2016)

Guest Blogs and Interviews

A Focus on Nature

Advent Calander: Killing for Red Squirrels (December 2017)

Advent Calendar: My Grandmother, my inspiration  (December 2016)

Advent Calendar: The Gift of Motivation & Inspiration (December 2015)

Advent Calendar: Stobswood, my home patch (December 2014)

My Vision for Nature (July 2016)

Winter  (Winner of the Opticron “Winter of Wildlife” competition) (December 2014)

How Now Magazine

From the mouths of babes (October 2017)

Next Generation Birders

Urban birding; Reykjavik in Winter (February 2015)

Wilde About Birds

13 Years Wild, James Common (August 2015)

Total Ecology

The Diet of Otters on the River Petteril (July 2015)


Written about me

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Trust’s blog team has a new addition (News Post Leader, April 2017)

Blog team has a new addition (Morpeth Herald, April 2017)

NWT feature blogger makes the finals of the UK blog awards (Northern Echo, Jan 2018)

Fingers crossed for James (BDaily News, Jan 2018)

Forget Strictly, vote for James (North-East Chamber of Commerce, Dec 2017)

Fingers crossed for blogger James (News Post Leader, Jan 2018)

NWT blogger makes the final of the UK Blog Awards (Thurrock Gazette, Jan 2018)

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