An Introduction to the Youth Nature Movement – Ben Eagle

There is something notable happening in conservation. For years, conservationists have bemoaned the perceived lack of interest that younger people take in the natural world. They point to nature deficit disorder as a distinct consequence of a generation of children lacking outdoor experiences. The internet is cast as a negative force, with children spending upwardsContinue reading “An Introduction to the Youth Nature Movement – Ben Eagle”

The Grouse debate: some follow-up thoughts

Alas, I have been uncharacteristically quiet on the issue of driven grouse shooting of late, though this does not mean I have not been keeping track of the proceedings. I watched the evidence session, the parliamentary debate, and have busied myself today reading through various outpourings associated with the government’s decision not to ban the practice.Continue reading “The Grouse debate: some follow-up thoughts”

Perceptions of Wildlife: The Young Conservationist

Another “perceptions of wildlife” guest blog this week, following the same setup as the last post by urban humanist Tayla May. This week’s post comes from young conservationist and budding scientist David Hunter, who was asked the same questions regarding his perceptions of wildlife and often controversial species. As you will see, his answers demonstrateContinue reading “Perceptions of Wildlife: The Young Conservationist”

Perceptions of Wildlife: the Urban Humanist

Following on from a recent blog post where I looked at my own perception of wildlife and the management of opinion-splitting species, I decided to start a new series of guest blogs. Posts which, I hope, will begin to look at the differences in stakeholder attitudes towards wildlife.  With the aim of comparing outlooks betweenContinue reading “Perceptions of Wildlife: the Urban Humanist”

Raptor Persecution – Eleanor Upstill-Goddard

A change of pace this week as fellow Wildlife Articles blogger Eleanor Daisy Upstill-Goddard writes on the subject of raptor persecution. An issue close to the hearts of many, myself included, which has attracted a great deal of attention of late. And rightfully so, with abhorrent instances of illegal killing still seemingly commonplace in ourContinue reading “Raptor Persecution – Eleanor Upstill-Goddard”