Category: Local Patch

  • A guided tour of the patch

    Nature is often better when shared with others and this week, it was great to welcome several local naturalists to the patch.

  • Recent sightings from Silverlink

    With summer in full swing, there has been lots to enjoy on the local patch including a fantastic array of plants and insects.

  • Epaulet Ladybirds are common site

    Rhyzobius chrysomeloides in Tyneside

    Recently, I was delighted to discover a population of the inconspicuous ladybird, Rhyzobius chrysomeloides, in Tyneside.

  • The beauty of Bee Orchids

    For me, the Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera) has always been somewhat of an enigma: a species I frequently encounter on TV, on social media and on the blogs of other naturalists yet never in the flesh. This petite yet flamboyant bloom, famed for its status as one of nature’s great mimics, eluding me at every…