Are Internships Skewed Away From The Poor?

You care about the environment, are utterly infatuated with natural history and decide you wish to work in the conservation sector. What next? You leave school, hopefully in possession of good grades, graduate university and are then faced with the harsh reality of just how competitive the sector really is. You work out that the only wayContinue reading “Are Internships Skewed Away From The Poor?”

The Decline of the Yellowhammer in the UK

Last week I posted an article regarding the woeful decline of one of my favourite garden birds: the Willow Tit. This seemed to go down rather well and many of you claimed to have learnt a thing or two from it. As such, I thought I would cover another species with an equally solemn story,Continue reading “The Decline of the Yellowhammer in the UK”

Guest Blog: Influences – Natalie Welden

My next “influences” blog post comes from the lovely Natalie Welden (@NatalieACWelden), someone I was lucky enough to meet for the first time on a twitch in Aberdeenshire last year. Natalie is a research associate at SEI York, an OPAL community scientist and a dedicated academic, currently studying the effects of micro-plastics on the marine environment. Here she touches uponContinue reading “Guest Blog: Influences – Natalie Welden”

Guest Blog: Influences – Alexandra Pearce

My next “influences” guest post comes from the fabulous Alexandra Pearce (@PearceAlex1). Alex is an environmental writer working both in communications and as part of the team at The Seal Sanctuary. Alex really is a gifted writer, currently running a series of very interesting blog posts for Conservation Jobs and is someone I have been familiarContinue reading “Guest Blog: Influences – Alexandra Pearce”

Orca “Marine Mammal Surveyor” Training Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure to partake in a cetacean identification course hosted by Orca, a fantastic charity dedicated to researching whales, dolphins and porpoises in British waters and further afield. All in all, the day was a roaring success; engaging presentations from Orca staff and a friendly atmosphere making for a great few hours. HavingContinue reading “Orca “Marine Mammal Surveyor” Training Day”

The Redpoll Triumvirate

Plenty to report on from the home county over recent days, some localized twitching throwing up a good array of birds on Friday. First up a gander up the coast with the lovely Natalie Welden (@NatalieACWelden) who had traveled up from York in an effort to catch up with the reported Black Scoter at Stag Rocks.Continue reading “The Redpoll Triumvirate”

Guest Blog: Inspiration by Gus Routledge

For the first in installment in what will hopefully be a long and prosperous series of guest blogs Gus Routledge (@PinkfootedGus) talks about his inspiration, motivation and how he ended up where he is today. Gus is a birder and botanist currently studying on a countryside management course and is someone I have been familiar with on socialContinue reading “Guest Blog: Inspiration by Gus Routledge”

The Woeful Decline of the Willow Tit

Living in Northumberland, the charismatic Willow Tit (Poecile montanus) is still, thankfully, a firm fixture of my daily life. Indeed, at present I am lucky enough to regularly host a pair of these enchanting little birds in my garden, a privilege that people dwelling in the south of the country would no doubt kill for.Continue reading “The Woeful Decline of the Willow Tit”

Urban Birding in Benidorm

So contrary to expectations, I managed to survive a week in Benidorm! Such places, jam packed with people, loud music and twenty-four hour nightclubs are not usually my first choice of holiday destinations, mainly because they often lack wildlife. This week found me pleasantly surprised however and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Spain. Sadly IContinue reading “Urban Birding in Benidorm”