A new iRecord group for wildlife recording in Newcastle

I’ve created a new group activity for naturalists and local people passionate about recording wildlife in Newcastle

It is no secret that I am a big fan of biological recording, and perhaps an even bigger fan of the wildlife of my home city. Newcastle is home to a fantastic diversity of wildlife, and thanks to an active natural history scene, is home to many people who watch and record it.

Records of all species, from bees to bats, are import when it comes to monitoring wildlife populations. They inform conservation, local decision-making and highlight the value of specific sites or habitats. Furthermore, these sightings also provide a snapshot of what has been seen in the local area, potentially to inspiring others to head out and record wildlife too.

One problem with wildlife recording is that it can be difficult to see what has been recorded near you. The secrecy of some organisations and the different ways in which people submit records making the process frustrating, to say the least. That’s why I’ve set up the Wild Newcastle group on iRecord.

Explore wildlife in Newcastle

Wild Newcastle has been created to record Newcastle’s wildlife and make sightings accessible to local people and groups. Anyone can join!

By joining the new group on iRecord, you’ll see what others have been recording and where. By sharing your sightings, you’ll ensure that your records are shared with national schemes and of course, ERIC North East. Such is the integrated nature of iRecord.

Sightings of all species are welcome and you can browse species, league tables and locations by visiting the ‘Summary‘ tab in your activities dashboard.

Pyramidal Orchid, a highlight among Newcastle's wildlife

Record Newcastle’s wildlife on iRecord

The wildlife of Newcastle is incredibly diverse but just how many species live alongside us in the city?

Taking part is simple: sign in to iRecord, join the activity and start spotting. Once you’ve signed up, any sighting within Newcastle will be counted automatically. There is no time-consuming form.

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