Small Skipper

This year appears to have been a good one for the Small Skipper (Thymelicus sylvestris). All around the local area at present, these energetic, golden, thimble-sized butterflies adorn roadside verges, roundabouts, parkland and wasteland: livening up walks in the city as they flit from bloom to bloom. Appearing to particularly favour the pale-purple flowers of  Creeping Thistle.

We hear an awful lot of doom and gloom centred around our butterflies – rightfully so, with many populations in freefall – thus it lifts spirits to see these small, moth-like butterflies faring well this year. A walk around the small park at the end of my street revealing totals of 65 and 40 on separate visits. Perhaps its the glorious weather?



  1. Ashley says:

    Lovely pictures! I doubt if I’ll see one here though! Although with all the heat and sunshine that these islands have been bathed in recently, who knows?

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